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Pegasus Prints is a professional silkscreen studio and artist-run exhibition space that inaugurated its program in fall of 2020 with the opening of The Same Material, a solo exhibition of paintings by Jennifer Caviola curated by Sidel & McElwreath.

Helmed by chromist Alison Sahmel, Pegasus is a female-founded full-service silkscreen studio in East Williamsburg. Located above the print shop, Pegasus Gallery is an artist-run curatorial initiative that affords the opportunity to invite artists and curators alike to contribute to a rotating exhibitions program. In the same way that Sahmel’s silkscreen practice yields a highly collaborative dialogue between artist and printmaker, the Pegasus Gallery allows for the exploration into new media, new conversations, and new relationships all through Pegasus as a conduit and creative platform. The print shop was founded by Sahmel in 2019 with the intent to invigorate the space with new artistic commissions, curatorial projects, and collaborative exhibitions. Most recently, Alison has worked on projects with Nate Lowman, Lucien Smith, John Newsom, and Ella Kruglyanskaya.

The inaugural exhibition at Pegasus Gallery — The Same Material — featured a selection of 17 paintings by artist Jennifer Caviola and a limited edition print produced by the artist in collaboration with Pegasus.