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Powerhouse is a not-for-profit organization committed to creative expression. Located in a purpose-built facility in Brooklyn, the organization hosts an extended network of art and fabrication professionals and educators who work together to co-create and share artistic practices vital to the wellbeing of artists and the communities to which they belong.

The organization stewarded the redevelopment of the former Brooklyn Rapid Transit Power Station in Gowanus to create a new facility that houses fabrication facilities for ceramic, print, and public art, activated by Powerhouse Arts, in addition to facilities for textiles, small metal, and large metal, which will be leased to aligned organizations and businesses in the future. Powerhouse will operate a shared ceramics facility or “member shop” beginning in Fall 2022.  The building also houses multi-use facilities for education,events, and public engagement.

The project builds on Brooklyn’s 200-year history as a center for industry and creates a needs-responsive platform and a critical new resource for artists in the heart of the borough. The rehabilitation project transforms an existing, derelict structure on a contaminated site into a vital center of production for artists, fabricators and other creative workers in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

In 2020, Powerhouse Arts engaged Hayworth to lead content development and PR efforts. Hayworth’s approach, both flexible and highly collaborative, focuses on telling compelling stories about Powerhouse’s work that showcases people at the heart of each narrative. Engaging in active dialogue with staff throughout the organization, and working in deep partnership with members of our communications staff, Hayworth developed content for the website designed by Linked by Air that highlights the collaborations that have shaped Powerhouse, programmatic offerings developed for the internal and external community, and the work the organization has produced in concert with a growing community of esteemed artists. Hayworth also stewards the ongoing publication of the organization’s monthly newsletter, oversees its paid and earned media strategy, and is working towards the launch of the non-profit’s Instagram presence.