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Studio Boheme is a design collective based in Miami, Florida that serves as a digitally-native platform to commission, produce, and showcase cutting edge international design. Each of their designers express their point of view by bridging the disciplines of art, architecture, and product design. All of the artists’ functional pieces have been precisely crafted and designed through highly collaborative yet uniquely personal creative processes that seek to disrupt traditional definitions of art and design.The collective was founded in 2020 and is helmed by interior design professional, Carlos Mancin.

The company will launch in spring of 2021 with a capsule furniture collection entitled Gardenia designed by Venezuelan architects Rodrigo Armas and Julio Kowalenko, the principals behind Atelier Caracas.

The Gardenia Collection is comprised of a symbolically-charged credenza and dining table, both sculptural and functional, that glorify mid-century kitsch aesthetics in Venezuelan architecture and design.

Envisioned by Julio Kowalenko and Rodrigo Armas of Atelier Caracas while sitting around a forged-iron table at their derelict first “studio” in Caracas, Venezuela, the Gardenia Collection is a nostalgic reimagination of kitsch garden furniture, taking mid-century Venezuelan roots as a jumping off point and positing new design with sumptuous curves, playful details, and premiere craftsmanship. The Gardenia Collection reinserts ornament and romantic geometries back into contemporary design.

The Gardenia Collection is made-to-order and available for purchase at