Hayworth to Participate in
"Nest" Special Section Premiering at
Untitled Art Miami Beach's 10th Anniversary Edition

As an extension of this commitment, we are delighted to announce our participation in "Nest" a new section debuting at Untitled Art Miami Beach's 10th Anniversary Edition. The fair takes place on November 29 through December 4. 

The new Nest section features 22 emerging galleries, artist-run spaces and non-profits. The sector is called “Nest”, to conjure the image of a place where fledgling galleries can grow. Hayworth will showcase new works by Suzy Kellems Dominik and Lans King, in addition to a special project by Atelier Caracas for Studio Boheme.

Please see a preview of Hayworth's presentation below:

Sculptural Collection
by Atelier Caracas for Studio Boheme

Radical Semantics is a collection of nine functional sculptures designed by architecture studio Atelier Caracas for Studio Boheme. For some, the sculptures resonate as symbols recalling popular Emojis or vectorized forms used in signage and commercial branding. For others, they recall forms in life: amorphous stones, clouds in space, blazing fires, an explosion. Atelier Caracas has challenged the idea of a symbol by rendering it within architectural form and ascribing it with functionality. Each individual sculpture may be considered colloquial in nature, or juvenile in tone, but is rooted in and derived from a loaded pictorial vocabulary referencing architecture, literature, music, advertising, and fine art. Derived from an alchemical blending of culture — sources spanning from Bruce Conner to Ant Farm, the Michelin Man to Helmut Newton, John Hedjuk to Michael Jordan — Radical Semantics is underscored by intellectual curiosity and punk sensibility.

Artworks by

Suzy Kellems Dominik


I Survived You is a wood and neon sculpture housed within a commercial shipping crate by artist Suzy Kellems Dominik. The outside of the box is charred and blackened, rendered by the Japanese technique "shou sugi ban" which both conserves the wood, waterproofs it, and renders it smoldered. Amidst the blackened exterior, the viewer will catch glimpses of luminous neon light and color escaping from a series of holes arranged in the constellation of Scorpio across the surface of the structure — viewing holes — calling one to approach the sculpture to investigate what resides within.

The work interrogates, at the most fundamental level, the experience of unpacking the shadow of her childhood. It interrogates themes of container and shelter. It is about memory — individual and collective — singed into the human consciousness. One’s origin story scored into flesh. Yet the sculpture and its accompanying poem invite intimacy, renewal, curiosity, trust. Like a geological process, one may be compressed, condensed, smothered, and pressurized and yet further observation reveals the triumphant soul within.

Artworks by

Lans King


Lans King creates work that lives in a realm referred to as hyperreality - the blurred lines between the real and the virtual. The artist’s body of work involves the investigation of abstract value, the implications of technology on humanity, and the intersection of digital and analog. Much of his body of work references Network of Self, a conceptual artwork in which the artist embedded a microchip capsule into his hand and registered his artist-self on the blockchain. This empowers the collector who functions as a patron and benefactor, to access to the artist’s geolocation and biometrics 24/7 as an act of long-term conservatorship.

The artist’s mixed media paintings, which fuse with digital screens as a component or extension of the composition, are layered investigations into the lens through which we analyze life mediated by technology. The canvases are first digitally printed, then hand-painted. The screens flash between behind the scenes views of King’s studio practice and the familiar striation of television “test” screens from the early dawn of the television.

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